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Om Nr. 109

My father was convinced that he survived World War II because he recited a certain mantra 109 times. Or maybe it was 108 times. The mantra, he told us children, protected him from violent death. He was forcibly conscripted at the age of 17, at the very end of the war, and miraculously survived. He said it was thanks to Om Hraung Jung Sah.

 I'm currently collecting materials, digging through archives which contain the stories of Harijs Dikmanis, who corresponded with swamis in Los Angeles and could stop his heart at will, and the stories wafting up from the wetlands of Zedelgem, the Belgian village where my dad was a prisoner of war. 

Up from Under: Saxophones Don't Burn

Up from Under: Saxophones Don't Burn

A memoir

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